Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The morning after the Smothers Brothers concert we had a late breakfast at the Star restaurant in Santa Rosa.  We planned to take some of the back roads and scenic routes back to Sacramento.  However, as we began to pull out of the restaurant parking lot another customer came over to tell us our rear tire was almost flat.  Bummer.  Carolyn drove slowly to a service station about 2 blocks away where we pumped the tire up. Trying to decide whether to just drive home or replace  or fix the tire Carolyn asked a guy how far away Costco was.  Turns out to be really close.  Also turns out the Costco doesn't repair tires it hasn't installed.  But the Costco tire technician also said there was too much tread on the tire to justify replacing it with a new one.

Still puzzled, we left the Costco parking lot and saw a prominent Firestone sign not more than 3 blocks away.  Taking that as a sign, we drove to the shop.

These people were more than delighted to fix a flat tire and with extra employees hanging around there was no line or wait list.

We were interested in seeing what had caused our delay so the office assistant fished out the offending nail:

We were so glad we had been told about the flat and so glad we hadn't tried to head straight back to Sacramento after filling the tire with air.  I suspect we would have had another flat within 10 miles.

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  1. That nail almost looks like a railroad spike. It takes some special doing to get one that size to penetrate a tire. Glad you got the repair and safely home. And glad that there are still people around who will take the time to tell you about a tire problem.