Saturday, November 05, 2011

Takin' it easy

Edward came over with his family today.  This isn't unusual for a Saturday as he and the boys have been so good about keeping our lawns mowed and edged.  But this time he let Tim and Jake do all the work while he rested and talked.  Although it doesn't appear that the stroke he last Wednesday left him with any lasting deficits, it still is a life changing event.  His sense of humor is still evident.  He said that whenever he can't remember something, he'll clasp his head and say, "That darn stroke!  Wiped out that memory!"


  1. I think a lot of males must have a lot of mini strokes....

  2. Wow. I read the two posts and remembered Allyn's events 10 years ago. He was out in the backyard and suddenly realized he could no longer hear in his left ear. He also found that if he turned he was apt to fall down! He spent a week before going to an ENT man, who said he had had a stroke that killed his auditory nerve. When Allyn reported that to his regular doctor, the doctor told him he was too young to have a stroke. Two weeks after that Allyn had a massive heart attack (thankfully he survived and is doing great!)
    Blood clots cause strokes if in the brain and heart attacks if in the heart and deep vein thrombosis if in the legs (which can cause swelling and pain on walking). I am assuming Edward had a cardio assessment--but Allyn didn't get one after his stroke. Grandpa Loveridge had 3 stokes, and Grandma Loveridge had one fatal one from (I think) a blood clot in her leg that broke off and went to her brain. Grandpa lived many years after his strokes, but others have not. Uncle Rodger and I think Uncle Floyd died from their strokes. Strong family history on this one. Life style changes can help a lot. Grandpa did the yard work at the Mormon Church and did a lot of walking doing that!

    There are special reasons for Thanks this Thanksgiving--am glad Edward is doing fine now and that you are getting care for that leg of yours, Arnold.