Friday, July 24, 2009

Too Many Cooks Spoil the Soup

If "too many cooks spoil the soup," and you've got spoiled soup on your hands, doesn't it make sense to look at the number of cooks? I ask this rhetorical question because I wonder if our mortgage, bad loans, and defaults are at least partly the result of TOO MANY COOKS.

We recently refinanced our house so that we could get a lower interest rate as well as finance a new roof we'll need to put on in the next few months. All of our loan documents stated that Plaza Home Loans would be financing our mortgage although they were also clear that the mortgage might be sold. When I asked what the chances were of that happening, the escrow agent said 100%. From all our previous dealings with mortgages I knew that would be the answer.

Much to my surprise we were actually billed the first payment by Plaza. But I had no sooner mailed the check when we got an update from Wells Fargo saying they had bought the mortgage.. Then just a couple days later we got a letter from Fannie May stating

The ownership of your mortgage loan has been transferred by Wells Fargo Bank to Fannie Mae ...
Fannie Mae is a shareholder owned company with a public mission. We do not make mortgage loans but instead provide funds to lenders by purchasing the mortgage loans they make.
Fannie Mae does not service your loan. The servicer of your loan is Wells Fargo Bank.
I'm just afraid that the more cooks get involved with this loan, the more likelihood of problems arising. Do our banks have too many cooks in the loan department?

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