Monday, February 06, 2012

Sleep Number

What costs more than a small car, has four remote controls and 6 motors, and wants you to spend a third of your life with it?

Answer:  The latest in Sleep Number beds.

We're getting of an age when we will start having and more "last time" experiences such as "this is the last time I'll need to reroof the house" or "This refrigerator has a 15 year warranty, that should run until I die" or "I think I better skip that bunch of green bananas".  So I wasn't too surprised when Carolyn suggested we buy a Sleep Number bed.  This is the one that has 20 different firmness settings for the mattress from "about like sleeping on the ground" to "firm as an overstuffed pillow".  We needed a new bed because ours was getting old and saggy (like me).  And if we were going to get a "last bed" we could really go all out and buy the best.

We spent two sessions with Kelly at the store in the Arden Fair Mall.  She was polite, professional, and an excellent salesperson.  She had all the answers and most of the questions.  It wasn't difficult to decide to buy from her.  Quite frankly, after shopping there, other stores and other mattresses just didn't seem as interesting.

Jump forward two weeks.  Although we had asked for a Saturday delivery, the company called with a Wednesday delivery date.  I was ticked but Carolyn thinks they were just giving us a choice of an earlier delivery date and that hadn't affect our Saturday delivery at all.

As promised the delivery staff arrived to take our old bed and leave this beautiful new one in its place.  Hauling box after box from their truck, it looked like a regular moving van.  Then began the fun of putting it all together.

When they were done, Carolyn started putting together all the pieces (sheets, covers, pillows, etc.) she'd been getting for the past two weeks.  Lastly we bolted the headboard to the wall, pushed everything together and got ready for bed.

How was it?  The first night I didn't think I slept that good.  Carolyn says I slept like a log.  I had tried the lowest sleep number (5) and it felt like sleeping on the floor with a 2 inch foam mat.  The next night I started at the highest number (100) then moved down to (75) in the middle of the night.  That's been the best so far.  Of course, at the same time I'm trying the various settings for watching TV, raising my feet higher than my head, lounging, and just plain level.  I'll have to report back in a couple of weeks to see if I've found MY Sleep Number.


  1. Sounds very flexible. Have fun with that!

  2. We have had this type of bed for 20 years, before it upgraded to the numbers and all, but I love it. I really miss it when I travel. Welcome to the best sleep ever.