Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mark time with a puzzle, a photo, or a gala event

As I've indicated elsewhere, much of the first six weeks of 2013 are forever lost to me.  There are no deposits in my memory bank for those days and hours.  Of course one doesn't have to be hospitalized to experience that phenomenum - a boring car ride, poorly organize summer camp, or even a long conference can have the same effect.

The solution:  associate the time with a marker that can be remembered, documented and shared.

This 500 piece puzzle with the picture of a neighborhood carnival was begun when Lee came to stay with us for a week and was completed when RevaBeth and Keith visited.  And now that I have a picture of it I no longer even need the physical  pieces of the puzzle.

What markers do you use to capsulize time?

1 comment:

  1. Steve and I are currently using the progress on our house to mark time. For instance, the last time you were here, we worked on the bathroom tile floor. So there's pre-tile or post-tile.

    We used to use what rental housing we were in to mark time. Such as, when xyz happened, were we in King St. or the mountains?

    We also occasionally use another measurement system: the rabbit index. Which (and how many) rabbits we had/have. For instance, there's B.D. and A.D. (Before and After Demetri). Currently we're in the White Rabbit era.