Sunday, January 01, 2012

Everyone talks about the weather

but I can now record it in real time.

 This arbor may look like a standard backyard rose trellis but it is really a weather station in disguise,

 There high in the structure is a solar powered wind vane and wind speed detector

 and a short distance away is a automated rain gauge.

 This unit mounted on the house is designed to measure temperature and humidity as well as relay the wind and rain information to the master unit in the house.

 The master unit acts as an attractive weather display but behind it's lovely display is a relay unit that communicates with

 our PC where all this data is stored as frequently as once a minute.  Of course the data in the computer can be used to plot graphs of the wind speed vs temperature vs time of day.   So much data to manipulate, graph, and impress myself with.


What a step up from my old weather rock.

Serious review:
I'm impressed with the overall quality and connectedness of the system.  The outside units are definitely not military grade but look like they'll stand up to the weather for several years.  I am disappointed in the documentation - there isn't any.  They do reference a website with appropriate downloadable manuals in PDF format but even these are sparce sources of information.  The graphic capability of the program is barebones so it is a good thing that data can be exported for use in Excel.

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  1. I assume that this is a new toy that you got for Christmas? Cool, it looks like fun!