Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Faux News

As anyone who has ever watched Jon Stewart's "The Daily Show" knows, Jon takes great pride in skewering the "talent" on Fox News and he usually does it so well.  That's why I have to express my great surprise at a recent turn of events on the Daily Show.  First of all, I had to agree that it would take a real ignoramus in this day and age NOT to know what an ignoramus is.  So when one of the female newscasters on Fox admitted sheh didn't now and had thus "Googled" the term "Ignoramus."  But the kicker was that she then got it wrong, reading off the answer: "an ignorant attorney".

Well, the joke's on us.  Google's sixth entry is, in fact:

ignoramus - Definition of ignoramus at YourDictionary.com

ig·no·ra·mus noun pl. ignoramuses -·muses. an ignorant and stupid person. Origin: < the name of a lawyer in Geo. Ruggle's play Ignoramus (1615); L, lit., ...
www.yourdictionary.com/ignoramus - Cached - Similar

The poor girl was just a little confused about the  "meaning" of a word, compared to it's origin.

I had assumed it had Latin roots but I'll admit I didn't know the roots are from a play whose character just happened to have such a eponymous name.

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