Saturday, April 03, 2010

Squirrels here, too!

My daughter Jessica recently posted on her blog that they had killed their first squirrel of the season and that her husband Jon was thinking of cooking the critter (see  In case anyone out there is interested in making something useful out of their pesky rodents here are instructions for skinning and cooking squirrels from the 1980 edition of "The Joy of Cooking"

Happy hunting and bon appetit!!


  1. When I first saw your blog I thought it was an addition to the family cookbook, however, I know you don't live in Oklahoma!


  2. I must be blind--I found rabbits, hares, possums, porcupine, and raccoons, but no squirrels. Allyn is always telling Mom she can cook them when she complains they eat all the bird food....He says he has eaten one, but hasn't told her how to cook one..

  3. Squirrel, it's what's for dinner. Everyone ate some except Jessica. I think she followed her own rules of you eat what is prepared or you don't eat, but not sure as I was at Priesthood Session of Conference.