Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Ward Dine Out

One of the important functions of a church is providing social functions to allow people to get to know others who share their interests or live in the same area. The ward Activities Committee are charged with putting together very structured events several times a year.  However, there is also a need for less structured events.

A tradition we have in our ward for dining out on the first Tuesday of each month has proven to be a low-key way for members and non-members alike to get to know each other better. The restaurant provides the locale and the food and each person or couple pays their own way so the planning is minimal.  That is NOT that the planning is unimportant or simple because church members have a habit of translating RSVP as "reply if you feel like it and get around to it sometime before the actual event".  They also have a habit of wishing we'd picked the OTHER choice.  But we do appreciate you Sara-Beth.

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