Friday, April 23, 2010

What's in a name - topic 2

The past several month's when I attended the two Parkinson's support groups that I go to, I was frustrated at not remembering anybody's name.  Instead of complaining about it, I volunteered to make name plates (little tent-like name placards) for each group on an ongoing basis.  You would have thought I had announced a $10,000 donation from the reaction of the two facilitators.  They both readily provided me with several names of consistent attendees.  But I think they really wondered if I would follow through on my offer.

Today was the meeting of the first support group and this time the enthusiasm came from the group participants as well as the facilitators.  We've all been suffering from name amnesia.  And with the names in big, bold 100 & 48 point fonts, people could see them from across the room.

I haven't pointed out yet, although some have noticed, that these are new and improved name cards.  (1) The name is printed  on both sides of the tent so that people on the same side of the table can see your name as well as those on the other side of the room; (2) the last name and names of both spouses is on the card so you can match up the pairs; and (3) there is a little half circle notch in the third side of the folded triangle that serves as a stopper so the tent doesn't go flat in the middle of the meeting.

Keeping up with the name cards may be more trouble than I counted on as I had to do almost as many new cards for new group members today as I had previously done.  But I feel like I'm useful and people certainly know my name.

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