Thursday, January 04, 2007

Senior drink at Taco Bell

I often stop by the local Taco Bell for a quick lunch or easy dinner. With their senior discount of a free drink with the meal, I can get a grilled stuffed burrito, enchirito and drink for less than $4. What a bargain!

And just when I think it can't get any better, the last time I was there they offered me a free MEDIUM drink instead of the usual free SMALL drink. Thank you, Taco Bell!


  1. How old is a senior have to be? 55? or older?


  2. They "denied" my request for a Senior Discount at the TB in Gallup, NM. The manager was "very very" nasty about no more TB in Gallup, NM for me..

    1. Did you contact Taco Bell Corp or ask for the Owner. Believe it or not everyone does not know everything and people are always making up scams.

    2. call the number on the receipt. not everyone knows it because it is not on the menu.

  3. Moved from CA to UT & so far 3 Taco Bells that I have visited do not offer a free senior drink but do offer a tiny discount nowhere near comparable to the free drink. So--goodby Taco Bell and hello Taco Time and Del Taco!