Thursday, October 08, 2009


One of the things we keep trying to do when relatives visit is to invite the other members of the clan who live in Carmichael or surrrounding areas. Most of the time we haven't been successful but this time when Woody and Wanda visited we were able to connect.

Actually, Carolyn called Neil and Bobby to set up a breakfast at our house. Bobby suggested we have it at her house instead. Neil or Bobby also remembered to invite Marilyn, the widow of Neil's brother Gordon who passed away last year.

It's been really nice to have family here in Sacramento when we moved here. It didn't feel near as lonely as when Carolyn and I moved to Southern California back in 1970. Here, we had Gordon and Marilyn put us up for a couple of days while we searched for an apartment. Neil and Bobby made us feel welcome in the area, inviting us over to enjoy their pool so we wouldn't miss our Long Beach pool. And Bobby got us involved with the Jazz Jubilee. Not bad for family who had only the vaguest of ideas who we were.

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