Thursday, October 01, 2009

Meet and Greet

We had an invitation to a meeting last night called a "Meet and Greet" hosted by the Carmichael branch of the Friends of the Sacramento Public Library. I could think of a dozen reasons not to go but thought maybe they needed our moral support if nothing else. After all, we're both so busy there's no way to take on additional jobs, even if part time and voluntary. But since I 'm so involved with the Friends, I thought maybe they wanted me there in the official capacity of System Friends board member, Treasurer, or library volunteer. In such case it wouldn't be very polite to turn down their invitation.

It turned out that they had less than 6 people show up for 100 invitations sent out. They weren't expecting many more judging by the quantity of refreshments.

Actually, the program was well organized and kept on schedule by the newly elected President. As involved with the Friends as I am, I still learned something new. But even more important, I met the newly elected Treasurer of the Carmichael branch and got important contact information from her. I met the office liaison for the Foundation office who is handling all our receipts and recruiting through our downtown office in lieu of a "rented" employee like we've had in the past. And maybe best of all, the Carmichael branch manager Shelly recruited a new helper for our pick list on Tuesday mornings. She migiht have done that anyway but my being in the audience smiling at her may have reminded Shelly of our conversation last Tuesday when I pleaded for more help.

In other words, you don't always get out of a meeting what you expected and sometimes it is even more valuable than what you expected.

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