Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Apologies are in order

Several days ago I wrote about our "no instruction world" and included as an example Carolyn's iPad which seemed to be a prime example of something which looked powerful but that unlocking that power was troublesome.

Well, it turns out that Apple has written and included with the iPad some very good instructions.  As one might imagine, they are buried inside the iPad making them easy to update and difficult to lose.  They are also difficult to find.

I think Apple should lhave written the following on a big label and  posted that label right in the middle of the screen:

Instructions are available in a location called the iPad User Guide.  Expect to visit this Guide many times while you are learning to use the iPad.  

To display this user guide tap the Safari App (the square icon on the Home Page which looks like a compas overlaid on a blue world map).  

If the Safari App is not visible on the screen press the Home button once.  (This button is located next to the screen just above the recharge/sychronize cable socket.  It has a empty square printed on it.)

After you tap the Safari app, notice the five icons in the  upper left hand corner of the screen.  The fourth one over that resembles an open book will display your Bookmarks.  Tap it.

"Bookmarks" should appear at the top of a drop down box or in the left upper corner of such a box.  If it appears in the corner, tap it so it appears in the center top.

At the bottom of this list is the bookmark for the iPad User Guide.  Tap that title and you will open the User Guide.  You also had some valuable experience in using some of the iPad's features.  We could have made it easier but that would have taken some of the fun out.

It would be nice to also put this on the label.

To make it easier to find the next time do the following:

With the User Guide on the screen tap the 5th icon in the upper left, the one that looks like an arrow jumping out of a rectangle.  Tap on Add to Home Screen.  Click on the blue Add button.  

Please save this label so that you can show it to someone new to the iPad to give them a running start.

That's my suggestion.  It would have saved us hours of frustration.

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