Thursday, January 06, 2011

Church web site matures - Part 2

In rolling out the new website, the Church has done an excellent job of including information about how and why of the change.  In some cases it is almost too much information.  For example in the instructions about implementing the new calendar we are given 7 steps.  The 7th is

Step 7: Instruct Ward and Stake Leaders to Begin Creating Events on Their Respective Calendars
  • The new calendar poses a cultural shift for most members. The old calendar required everyone to submit events through a single ward website administrator to publish events. With the new calendar, everyone is a calendar editor. You may need to let them know that.
  • Start using the calendar regularly in meetings. As you hold your meetings, such as Ward Council or Bishopric, review events from the calendar. If you need Internet in your meetinghouse, implement Meetinghouse Internet
Meetinghouse Internet is then defined as

 Implementing Internet in your meetinghouse involves three general steps:
  1. Order Internet access from a local Internet Service Provider (ISP) in your area.
  2. Install the Church firewall for Internet filtering and security.
  3. Establish a wired or wireless network to provide access throughout your building

I like the statement "cultural shift for most members".  Talk about an understatement!  From mandating certain callings as "standard" and marginalizing others, from allowing certain people to generate calendars while ignoring others, we will see major changes to unit functioning.  The other major change, of course is the mandate that Internet services be available throughout the meetinghouse so that the church web services will also be available throughout the building.  Talk about a change in function and culture!  This will be an exciting time for the church techies!

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  1. We've had wifi in the Atherton building for 2+ years, mainly due to the moving of the LB Mission home to be in the Annex. The Stake Center has had it there for several years before us. Any yes, I am trying to get the Auxiliaries to use the new calendaring features, but it will take some time.