Thursday, September 24, 2009


There are two situations involving my playing the piano that almost qualify for the highest level of ecstasy. One is being surrounded by a group of enthusiastic, relatively qualified singers singing the songs I'm playing on the piano and clamoring for more. The second is to be playing four-handed piano duets alongside someone who is enjoying the activity as much as I am.

Arnold & Wanda on the piano (and looking more serious than they are)

This evening after an enjoyable day of visiting and sightseeing, my sister-in-law Wanda and I sat down at the piano and played duets. And we played and played. I didn't care whether anyone else heard or enjoyed our music although Woody was kind enough not to leave the room. Wanda and I were having a great time. We even knew when one or the other of us made a mistake but we either covered up or caught up so that we still finished the piece together.

We haven't tried it yet but I'm hoping we can switch parts and play some more during their vacation here.

What is there about singing in harmony or playing in harmony that is so rewarding? It isn't the same as singing or playing in unison. I don't know what it is but I sure like it.

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