Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Second summer

Here in Sacramento we're enjoying what in less politically correct days might have been called Indian Summer. Actually, I can't see anything derogatory about the phrase so maybe it's still okay to call it such. In any case we're having wonderfully warm weather during the day but warm, breezy evenings and downright chilly nights. It's cool enough, early enough that you can actually appreciate the fall sales and with Halloween still to come, Christmas hasn't hit the stores.

Carolyn and I are enjoying the visit of my brother Woody and his wife Wanda. All four of us are in the mood for letting this vacation happen as it will so that rather than try to make so many museums in a day or check-off so many sites we've seen, we can enjoy an afternoon just sitting around talking or comparing grandchildren. It's kind of like taking a cruise without all the food and crowds. And if in the process we see something of Sacramento that we haven't seen before, then that's even better.

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  1. Tell Woody and Wanda "Hi" from Florida. Woody, I still remember our camping summer! Now that you are older, do you still want to "hike in the rough and dig your own holes?" Ah for youth!