Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lawn mowing rivalry

Three weeks ago when I finished mowing the lawn, I said that would be the last time I mowed our lawn like that since I was just too prone to accidents and falls. Unlike shopping carts in the market, the lawnmower has to be pushed up a little hill in our front yard and down again. What I had in mind was a neighbor or church youth who wouldn't mind picking up a little bit of cash every two weeks.

But son Ed and his wife Tiffany had other thoughts when they heard me make the announcement. The result was Ed and the two boys showing up to mow and edge our lawn this morning. They would also vacuum the whole house carpet.

What I refer to in the subject of this post is that Jake was not satisfied with just the vacuuming. Ed told him no but he persissted until he was finally given a chance. I think he's about two years and 6 inches short of optimal condition but he's got enough drive and determination to make up for his deficits.

I missed getting a photo of the boys working mowing the lawn but at least you can see what a good job they've done on the front lawn.

And in spite of his hard work on the rear lawn, Jake still has enough energy to ride Tim's bike up and down the street. All you have to do to get Jake to do something is to tell him he can't do it until he's as old as Tim.

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  1. Wish I could put that spirit back into Perry. He is finally tall enough and strong enough to really do the lawns himself, but he's lost all interest by now.