Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tip of the Hat - Elephant Bar

One circuit speaker I listened to once said that when we have a bad experience we tell 10 people but when we have a good experience we only tell one. That's a pretty broad generalization for such a specific idea but common sense tells us we do complain more than compliment.

Today I'd like to single out the Elephant Bar for a tip of the hat. We live right between two Elephant Bars, about 5 miles either direction so it isn't exactly convenient for us to dine there. But last night we were in the area of one of them so we dropped in. We were told it would be a 20-25 minute wait and given one of those blinking red coasters. Ten minutes later it signaled that our table was ready.

Everything went well from the waitress introduction, explanation of meal choices, drink order, and food order. Service was prompt, accurate, and friendly. The menu is amazing and the prices still in the $10 to $16 for most entrees. We ordered shank of lamb and grilled trout with a lobster sauce. The food was served hot and tasty. Drink refills for sodas was prompt.

But the real coup de grace came when we were ready to pay our bill. I had an old paper Senior Discount Card that expired in 2006 and I expected the restaurant to disallow any discount but maybe sign us up for a discount the NEXT time which is their usual policy for a new customer. Instead the manager paid us a visit, thanked us for coming, handed us two of the plastic Senior Cards, and told us our bill had been reduced 20%. I think we'll be coming back.

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