Sunday, September 06, 2009

Harry Potter - the umpteenth movie

Also subtitled "the Half-blood Prince" which conveniently helps us identify which book it is supposed to relate to, be a visual aid for, or something along that line. Maybe it's because the gap has grown so large now between reading the book and seeing the movie that I felt like this was the first HP movie that could really not stand on its own. If someone had not read the corresponding book for each of the previous HP movies, it would still be an enjoyable movie. There would be a plot, some character development, and some unexpected twists, etc. But this time I really felt there should be a pause button somewhere and the message "now turn the page". That's it, it's a glorified Storyteller tape!

Let's face it, I suffer from Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. I lose interest in anything that has been in the public eye more than 5 years. So I went to the movie with Carolyn, my oldest son Ed and his oldest son Tim with the intention of enjoying the special effects.. We thought that all the special effects would do for Jake was give him nightmares.

As I said, I couldn't pick up a plot or character development (except maybe for the suggestion by Dumbledore that Harry could use a shave). The budding love interests were handled tastefully, if a little on the embarrassing side. Having read the book, I could tell every once in a while when the movie had wandered and was now coming back in sync with the book.

If you just have to see the book for yourself, hold on just a little while longer for the DVD version. Then you really can push pause and read along with the movie.

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