Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mr. Loveridge calling, thank you.

Last summer we received a couple of "business" cards from people who had more or less retired and therefore didn't have business cards in the traditional sense. But their cards told something about them, if only an address or telephone number to get hold of them.

Then recently my brother Bernell shared with us the card that he designed for him and his wife Nancy. That was it! I decided then and there to make some calling cards for Carolyn and me. Four months later they are a reality. The following is a sample of the actual card.

We had a meeting tonight at which someone asked for our name and phone number. We felt so smug just handing them a card. One of the nice things is that they come in sheets of 10 so even if there are changes or we want to have different designs, we can do so without a significant printing cost.

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