Saturday, July 17, 2010

Christening and furnishing

Those of you who have followed my blog for some time know that I often name inanimate objects with which I have to deal.  My two walkers, for example, are Walking Matilda and Walker Hugo.  So it should not be a surprise that I named the new computer Pavlov.  Besides the psychological and scientific background associated with the name, it just made sense. The model as described by Hewlett Packard is a Pavilion Elite or a Pav for short.  Adding the beginning of Loveridge and you have Pavlov!!

A couple of days ago, I compared our old computer to a clunker, an old, unreliable car.  But changing computers is more like buying a new house and moving into it.  The new house may come with several amenities such as bathroom fixtures and air conditioning but you'll be moving in one or more beds, kitchen and laundry appliances, etc. Some of the things you may have loved in the old house won't work in the new because of the style, the carpet, or the paint/wall treatment.

So it is with this new computer which came with a brand new operating system Windows 7.  Several of our old programs won't work with that but HP also thoughtfully included several programs that replace many of these that are no longer working.  Still, we have to migrate the data and get to know the new programs before they're of any use to us.

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  1. Love the comparison of moving your old computer contents to the new with that of moving into a new house where the paint and carpets don't match. Great! Hope you can get settled and comfortable with the new and enjoy it!