Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Happy Birthday, me!

Now that I am old enough to retire and sign up for the full Social Security rate, I should feel old, right?  Well, one thing I've learned since retiring is that it's sort of like high school and college.  You know how you're the big man on campus when you're in the 8th grade.  You can push anyone around.  Then a year later you're low man on the totem pole as a lowly 9th grade freshman.  Four years later the pattern repeats - you're a high & mighty senior, then a wet-behind-the-ears college freshman.

Well, those in their 70's and 80's look at me as if I'm just a new kid on the block.  If it looks like I'm trying for sympathy with my walker or my symptoms of Parkinson's Disease, they as much as say, "You ain't seen nothing yet, kid!"  Their list of pills, therapies, and surgical interventions usually puts mine to shame.  But 66 is still an achievement and I'm glad I'm still healthy enough to enjoy life and enjoy being involved.

I also enjoyed Carolyn's birthday present to me -- a 60 minute shopping spree in Fry's Electronics. Well, there wee some restrictions but I did feel like a kid in a toy store.


  1. Thanks for letting us share your party at the Elephant (is it a Republican establishment?) Bar. Good food, great company, fun time.

  2. Happy Birthday, Arnold! Now you caught up to me.

  3. So what did you get at Fry's? We went to Soak City to celebrate Ben's (and your's birthday). I decided not to call you at 1:30 am on your birthday like I did 13 years ago.....