Monday, August 23, 2010

South Lake Tahoe Family Reunion - Day 5 Hiking, Fishing, Swimmiing

Today was a good example of the difference it makes when a family ans what it wants to do and carries out those plans compared with a family which discusses and discusses before finally doing something.  The first family might end up  seeing and doing more things but at the expense of making some of the family feel frazzled and still in need of a vacation.  The other family misses out on some opportunities but everyone feels a little more relaxed.

For those who were ready and willing to get out of the house early, today's first activity was a 1 mile hike to Vikingsholm, a home built on an island in Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe.   The home is interesting to see and visit and admire the Scandinavian architecture.  The hike from the road down to the water level is rather pleasant but the hike back up is a bitch.

The second activity, or first for those who got up later was a "catch all you can pay for'  trout farm.  The first were literally jumping at everything going into the pool.   The only limit was what you could afford to pay for and how many times you can stand knocking a fish senseless.  It isn't quite the sport that many of us learned in childhood but then it takes a lot less time and energy.

And finally, to wrap up our day we invited all who wanted to, to come over to our time-share and enjoy a dip in the pool.  Some were too tired from prior activities while others were just not into fishing or eating fish.

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