Wednesday, August 25, 2010

South Lake Tahoe Family Reunion - Day 8 The dispersal

I think we had no idea just how much time a whole week of family camp is, especially when you spend it in the relative luxury of a vacation mansion or a timeshare condominium.  Add to that the fact that South Lake Tahoe is not a large tourist center with major entertainment and you have a lot of time on your hands.

By this last day of the reunion we have already lost Ed, Tiffany and family, Richard, and Steven and Lisa.  And we've "lost" 3 of our vehicles so packing up the leftover food and all our other travel stuff was almost as hard as it was packing the stuff in the first place.

Carolyn & Arnold with grandson Tim

Jessica & Jon with Jillian, Ben             Lee and Staci with Perry, Libby
        and Michael                              Sage and BrookeNatalie 

Natalie with Joshua and                              Philip & Jenny with
     Nathan                                              Gavin & Colin

Both the time-share and the mansion had 12 o'clock checkout times so our first priority was to get breakfast over and then pack the cars.  Jon, Jessica and family headed south back home while Lee and his family stopped at Dog beach and Donner State Park on their way to Sacramento.  Natalie and Jennie caravaned on their way to Sacramento.  Carolyn & I just enjoyed a leisurely trip home and a few minutes peace and quiet before the grandkids started arriving for 3 more days of vacation.

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