Thursday, June 17, 2010

Post vacation thoughts

Bringing or sending home souvenirs of a vacation or trip away from home seems to be a well ingrained custom in our society.  Whole stores were dedicated to the purpose of selling souvenirs to tourists like us who know that sooner or later we would be asked "what did you bring for me?  And that's just the adults.  And I'm sure we aren't the first or last tourist coming home with a brand new additional piece of luggage just to hold all the souvenirs.

It isn't enough to bring back and equal number of presents for each of the grandchildren, they have to be approximately the same value and social significance.

But this year we drew the line at coworkers and friends.  Even just a pound of macademia nut chocolates for each person we'd like to remember would add up to another suitcase.  So we bought some macadameia nut chocolates in a bulk package of single treat size and repackaged them in mall crystal clear bags with a few Hershey's coconut kisses  thrown  in.

 We would like each of you to know  - those who got something ad those who dn't that we did think of you while we were enjoy in Hawaii.  And we give you full permission to enjoy Hawaii the next time you go over without worrying what to bring back for us.

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