Friday, June 11, 2010

Vacationing with a disability - day 7

I neglected to mention yesterday that in spite of the communication difficulties we have, everyone is going out of their way to  "over" communicate as much as possible and then to forgive and forget errors and omissions on the assumption that something got in the way of the transmission or reception of information.  That's just the way it has to work on vacation.

Today I encountered one of the heartbreaking realities of life with a disability when the group went to register for our activity next Monday afternoon - Zip Lines.  I had hoped to be a part of this activity because it appeared I would need upper body strength and coordination but as you're zipping through the air on a cable, there really isn't anything for you lower body to do.  I neglected to factor in the travel from the end of one zip line  to the beginning of the next.  The tour company euphemistically calls that "hiking" and touts it as a benefit of their package.  But for me it is a big fat obstacle.

When I asked if a non-walker could negotiate the tour, the tour  operator would look all apologetic and admit it just wouldn't work out.  Am I disappointed?  Yes.  Do I expect all activities and tours to be available to me?  No.  Reasonable accommodations should be made but there has to be a limit.  Actually, I don’t think the company is doing all they should in reasonable accommodations.  I think it should be  perfectly reasonable to design a tour where walking is minimal or where a walking aid such as a walker or wheelchair can be used.  Wouldn’t  you think that could be arranged?

Today my sister and brother-in-law tried snorkeling at the hotel beach where I had had so many problems.  They had a delightful time, especially by using the fish food we had purchased.  As they leaked a little of the food, they were swamped by swarms of fish.  So many fish arrived that they shared the fish food with other snorkeling swimmers around them.

We then visited the Spouting Horn , a small shopping strip, and the Official County Botanical Gardens.  It was plenty for the day.

Arnold & Carolyn in front of Spouting Horn

Revqbeth & Keith in front of Spouting Horn

Another View of Spouting Horn

County Botanical Gardens

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