Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another service opportunity

Just recently a friend suggested that, because of my interest in book binding, I may be interested in an opening at the LDS Family History Center (FHC) in east Sacramento. I was cautiously interested because I have so many things to keep me busy already. However, the chance to learn how this library maintains their books is worth my putting in some time and effort in actually helping the library.

Richard, the one on the right, is the head of this repair and binding operation. He knows more than I ever will about library bookbinding. But his eyes are failing him so he needs assistants such as Bill (the taller one on the left) and myself.

The first thing I learned in working at the FHC was that their objectives are very different from those of Pat Bruno. Whereas Pat's objective is to repair a book such that the end product is close in value to the original book, the FHC's objective is to stop, reverse, and prevent further damage done to a book and get it back in circulation or on the shelf as soon as possible. I have a lot to learn.

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