Tuesday, August 04, 2009

It's Tomato Juice time

I think tomato juice is just in our blood. When we lived in Long Beach we had a large garden with at least 8 and sometimes as many as 12 tomato plants. Unless we had problems with tomato worms or vacation time conflicting with harvest time, we always had at lease three or four bushel of tomatoes plus enough tomatoes for all the summer tomato sandwiches, salads, or just to eat whole with lunches.

This year I found I couldn't work the garden so I expected it to lie fallow. But Carolyn put a lot of work into the three raised beds and has come up with some beautiful plants. Unfortunately, the tomato crop hasn't been as rich as she had hoped. And what we did have on the vine got pretty sunburned during the last rainy spell.

But that didn't stop our intrepid Carolyn. When a fellow church member and neighbor announced that she had more tomatoes than she could ever use. Carolyn brought home what looked like 2 bushel of big fat tomatoes, red and vine ripened.

Fortunately, Steve and Lisa were visiting us so they were pressed into service. Soon we had 13 quarts of beautiful fresh TJ.


  1. Looks like some good juice got made. Nothing like eating a fresh tomato. The ones out of the grocery store don't even come close in taste.

  2. Now that's another fond memory.