Friday, August 28, 2009

A Tree Grows in Carmichael - not

Five or six years ago, the Sacramento Tree Foundation gave us a professional consultation regarding which trees would be the most appropriate for our shade, fruit, and protection needs. We planted five trees based on their recommendation, five very different trees. And we've had five very different results.

The river birch, closest to the street has had tremendous growth. The red bud and gecko havae been very slow growing up until this year but we may finally be breaking through the hard pan. Of the two remaining birch trees we've had mixed success. One is still doing about as well as the trees in the back while the other looks like it may have died except for some of the stringers along the former

As you can see, Carolyn has sawn off the top of the birch leaving only about 3 feet of trunk and one small stringer that is also about 3 feet long. Her intention was to use the trunch as a lever and handle to pull what appears to be the root ball of a dead tree. However, after realizing how hard it is to get the root ball out, she decided to just dig enough to plant a crepe myrtle and tie them all together. Hopefully, at least one will grow.

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