Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fall is in the air (and in the kitchen)

One of the speakers at a recent symposium for Parkinson's Disease said there are only two types of people with PD - those who have fallen and those who haven't fallen YET. Even though I've had a couple of minor falls, I didn't really think I needed to worry. I was even showing off to Carolyn the various ways we've been taught as well as those ways I've discovered on my own of preventing falls as much as possible and preventing serious injury when they do happen.

Then after putting something away in the laundry room I was crossing to the kitchen table. Suddenly, my legs and feet took over. With no control from me they started going faster and faster until I grabbed the kitchen counter to slow myself down and get control. Unfortunately, grabbing a point like that didn't stop me but did have the effect of swinging my momentum around that point and slam me into the counter. Fortunately, I didn't break any dishes or bones. I have a small bruise on my head and a very sore spot on my butt where I took the main impact of the fall. The worst effect it has had on me is to effectively wipe out my self confidence in walking without a walker.

Welcome to my life.

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  1. Protect that noggin. A helmet might be tacky. Say a hat with a really stiff brim :) I know my bike helmet saved my head lots of time on my mission.