Sunday, August 09, 2009

A cure for the Mormon rumor mill?

I'm not used to learning something new in our Sunday morning church services (Sacrament Meeting in Mormonese). Inspired, yes; spiritually fed, yes; and even entertained but not educated. But this morning I learned about the web site Holy Fetch, a web site dedicated to researching Mormon urban legends and publishing the result.

Of course what comes immediately to mind is, THE website for reporting on general urban legends. Do we really need another Snopes? After looking at several postings I would have to say YES. For one thing, Mormons have their own brand of urban legends: mysterious visitations from one or more of THE THREE Nephites' , Steve Martin (famous actor/singer/star) has converted to Mormonism or some faith promoting story that would be great if only it were true. You see, Snopes could probably care less about any of these legends but they're often the vital life blood of a priesthood lesson. (Unless we're the instructor there's little we can do before but we can now look it up and settle the matter right in class)

What's your favorite story? is it true?

On that last question there may be some significant disagreement as one man's truth may be another man's foolishness and one man's gospel may be another man's fiction. Tell me if you disagree with any of the findings listed in

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