Monday, August 17, 2009

Making a successful camp/reunion - pt 3

As promised, here is the next installment of Family Camp pictures:

Patrick & daughter

RevaBeth opening the bag of ore for a different type of "needle in the haystack.
This time the idea was to find the semi-precious gemstones mixed in the sand and rock ore.
(sorry it is so blurry)

Handing out the ore

Many found a spot in the shade to examine the dampened ore

This is an example of gemstones found by one lucky miner.

Some expected the gems to pop out

Mac had his own gem to show off - a bright red Volkswagen Eos.

With the push of a button this cute little convertible

begins to transform itself by pulling something

out of the trunk, unfolding it,

And closing with a satisfying thunk.

A year old and still looks like new!

Craig with his family

Still looking for gems

RevaBeth brings science to the camp with a taste test which identifies "tasters" and "non-tasters". RevaBeth & siblings were all non-tasters while their partners and children were on both sides.

More science as RevaBeth shows participants how to type their blood O, A, B, AB, as well as pos and neg. Drawback, participants had to shed blood (at least a drop or two).

More anxious looks

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