Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Making a successful camp/reunion - pt 4 (last)

This will be the final installment of my Family Camp pictures.

We pick up where our grandchildren are anxiously crowding around RevaBeth to get their blood sampled and typed.

While others are finding other ways to amuse themselves.

Todd is helping cook the evening meal using Dutch oven technology as well as a new improvement called The Volcano (see later blog for details).

These two really enjoyed moving their chairs around because they were just the right size for them to do so.

Wanda, Woody, and Shondra look like they're enjoying the crisp canyon temperatures.

Layna getting a hug from her daughter

Candid shot of Kami, Sue, Mac, & Bernell

Two of Bernell's granddaughters

Craig & daughter

Becky & niece Megan

Becky, Megan, & Julie

Lynda, Todd, & Bernell checking on supper

Craig, Sharla, & daughter

Mac & Sue with RevaBeth in back

Girls around the campfire

More kids around the campfire

Bill even comes to the campfire well equipped to read his book!

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  1. You posted about finding a good camping site for reunions. Many years ago Mom and Dad asked Woody to spend a camping summer with us to keep an eye on us while they took pictures to make an Oregon assembly for schools. Our first campsite was at Silver Creek Falls State Park. It had a covered pavillion with sinks and electric stoves. The restrooms included flush toilets and even showers! We had regular campfire cooking areas at the campsites. Woody was appalled! Camping meant hiking up a mountain on a trail, pitching the tent, and digging your own toilet holes! Camping was supposed to teach you what our ancestors went through! We never dug our own holes, but did go to places with outhouses. They came with toilet paper and toilet seats--we never sat on cut out boards. Thanks for triggering my memories of a fun summer! Marilyn