Friday, August 14, 2009

Just another family reunion?

I'm late posting this blog entry and it will be a very short one. The reason is that Carolyn and I are attending another family camp/reunion -- this time for the Loveridge side of the family. The only reason I can post at all is that we are "camping out" at the Day's Inn in west Springville by the freeway. There's barely telephone reception at the campgrounds, let alone Internet access.

As expected, one of the biggest disappointments in this year's camp is that none of our kids showed up and their cousins just don't seem to think that we're adequate substitutes. All my siblings have one or more of their children absent so everyone is understanding but not necessarily forgiving.

I'll try to get some pictures posted tomorrow or the next day. I was getting some good pictures when the rain decided to visit our little camping area and most of central Utah. /so far everything has gone as planned and there have been no accidents requiring any more medication than a kiss. We did get some serious showers just as camp was breaking up and going home, to a tent, or to a warm welcoming hotel room.

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  1. Extend my appologies. I had hoped to make it, but that just wasn't possible.